Self-Portrait - Vanity


Self-Portrait - Vanity

Shellac, acetone and mineral spirits
on dye-sublimation base print

The painting is mounted on a 16mm wood panel.
If you are interested in additional framing options please send me a message.

Anybody is familiar with the story of Narcissus and knows that the story revolves around his obsession with his reflection and his subsequent death either through simply wasting away in starvation or through taking his own life upon realising he cannot have his own reflection as a lover.
In her book „Reflexionen im Spiegel“ the author Farideh Akazie-Böhme concludes that he is in fact dying because his own gaze makes himself an object. For the moment Narcissus recognises himself in the reflection, he already sees himself through the eyes of others; he does not actually see, but is seen; his gaze at himself is already an alienated, objectifying one. He is subject and object at the same time and this identification is precisely the great disappointment.
For me the selfie is always tainted by that split identification.
It is a true expression of ones own self-image, „a radical act of self-love“, but it is as well a performance, an attempt to control that objectifying gaze of the others.
For this series of self-portraits I used selfies that I took with an old cameraphone with a shattered screen.